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Sometimes I find myself forecasting trends. It is not easy to say and most of all it is my point of view (and not a fact) but yesterday I realized that sportswear already reached its peak for what concerns the love affair with streetwear, it’s time to go back to the essence.

Patiently waiting its comeback in the corner, denim never left the field, being the workwear fabric par excellence that keeps on being re-invented as far as shapes and washings.

I first get to know Nudie Jeans because of my friends. I have two of them that keep on telling me how this Swedish brand is next level and I should not avoid the experience of rocking one. Then I bumped back in the day on the Complex piece that says that Wiz Khalifa wears Nudie Jeans a lot. Considering that the distributor is Interjeans and I get nothing but love from this squad, I kindly ask to test this Brute Knut style and I had a thumb up as an answer.

The difference is felt from the start: once you look at a raw denim you think it is stiff while once you have in your hands it is surprisingly soft. The reason is also due to the fact that the denim is made using cotton organically grown and harvested only, making the sustainability in craftsmanship a priority.

Beside having a multitude of fits to satisfy every need, Nudie for this style chose a tapered one or if you prefer a “relaxed carrot fit”. There is plenty of room to put your hands in the pockets while the bottom is quite tight compared to the top, so that your sneakers get the exposure that you want.

Another factor that needs to be mentioned when we talk Nudie is that the people behind the brand firmly believe that denim pants should have a long life. Not only they give you suggestions for proper maintainance but free of charge Nudie offers a repair service all around the world in order to maintain your beloved denim in top shape, even when you rip it.

Join the movement, you deserve a superior denim pant…

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Photos courtesy of Spirandola

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