Nudie Jeans ● Svensson Wool Trapper hat

May I have the pleasure to introduce you Nudie Jeans? There is a good chance that you may be already familiar with this brand representing Swedish excellence. Wiz Khalifa said that Nudie is one of his favorite brands ever and this alone shall get you curious. He probably goes to cop them at the cozy Nudie flagship store on South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, that looks more like a house than a shop.

I have several friends that confessed me that nothing gives them the feeling of a pair of Nudie Jeans, entirely made of organic denim. That’s why I made sure that Interjeans, Italian distributor for this brand, included a significant accessory that made me first approach the brand from a different perspective, beside denim. That’s why we are giving a look to Svensson Wool Trapper Hat today. Not to be confused with a trapper that rocks diamond chains and rolls in European luxury cars, here we talk about somebody that a couple of centuries ago specialized in hunting… putting traps. A quite tough job, if you consider that such definition was invented to call hunters whose field of action were Rocky Mountains.

To get protected doing such job trappers needed a proper cap, with flaps covering the ears when it’s cold for real. What better material than the wool mix that this cap is made of? With its black on black sherpa lining, rest assured that you will keep that head warm and protected. There is more: outdoor, therefore sherpa and other “poor materials”, are still very in demand by street style experts, representing a trend that has a lot of traction nowadays.

Is it getting slightly warmer? Feel free to put those flaps up and over the crown, tying the cords. The way it lays on the head looks fabulous in both ways.

I hope that my approach to the brand made you curious about the meticulous work ethic of this brand, letting you discover Nudie by yourself, checking out its online shop, figuring out what would Wiz Khalifa do…

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