Oakley ● Latch Alpha Valentino Rossi Signature Series

What do you expect from your sunglasses? Do you want to hide and look cool or you prefer an action ready style, whose lens are at a higher degree of protection from sunrays? With this pair of Oakley sunglasses we focused on the latter today, with a very special guest. Nobody in motorcycle world has more charisma than Valentino Rossi, let’s face it.

He loves to ride his bike to the point that such feeling is evident in his genuine smile, feeling at one with a life that made him turn his passion into his job. Among his list of sponsors such a leader couldn’t have anything less than Oakley when it comes to eyewear.

The Californian brand founded in 1975 walked on the thin line between classic and innovative with this Latch Alpha Valentino Rossi Signature Series. There is nothing too unconventional for what concerns its design, that relies on a no frills aerodynamic sports frame. A double bridge architecture ready to withstand impacts, maintaing at the same time optical precision is what suits best Valentino Rossi action-packed lifestyle.

Made of lightweight and resistant die-cast aluminium, this style has Prizm lenses that charge colors and contrast giving you an ideal viewing experience. Its straight temples are made of high-density Unobtainium, a patented material that lets these sunglasses stay where you put them even when you sweat. This is possible thanks to the combined action of its design, engineered for an optimal traction, and to the yellow clips. Not only they are made with the trademark VR/46 color but they also have an assisted movement that keeps them in place without pinching your head.

But this is Oakley so anything average stays outside the door. It’s not by accident that you find a superior branding on such style. I am talking about the microscopic engraved VR/46 in the top corner of the left lens. Very soft spoken but… hard to forget. It’s time to represent (what’s left of) Italian excellence: buy these sunglasses on Oakley website and give more speed to your life…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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