Obey ● Chunk Classic Polo

We explored far and wide Obey territory on The Maxiemillion. It must be the fascination with skate punk origins of founder Shepard Fairey, together with the ever evolving proposal of this brand but I love Obey. By “ever evolving” I mean that at the very beginning, when Shepard started his propaganda campaign with Andre The Giant sticker in 1989, it was just a few t-shirts while now it is one of the most interesting streetwear brands ever.

With solid roots like this, it is surely not a millennial always online to create the next competitor for Obey. Raised on social and political awareness, this brand is now complete with men’s and women’s collections, headwear always on point and a wide range of accessories to complete its proposal.

It is with this Chunk Classic Polo that we give a look to Obey men’s collection. Zipper polos with such retro fresh swagger are not an everyday sight, so I jumped on my chair as soon as I saw it.

In its simplicity there is the perfect identikit of an extra fly garment, starting from the color palette. Its vertical stripe pattern has an original appeal, very different from the horizontal stripes that you are used to see on tennis or golf polos, making me go way back to the mid 90’s. Let alone the fact that this shade of teal paired with black and white will allow you to match this garment easily.

Checking it out closely there is also a stripe on the collar that contributes to its retro look, together with the embroidered branding on the chest.

Not classic like a shirt, yet way more dressy than a tee, the polo is always a way to step your game up in a streetwear scenario. When you can count on Obey to give it the identity that truly represents what you are into, you know that les jeux sont faites. Check Obey section on Blakshop and feel free to step your game up, just as I did…

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