Obey ● Downbeat Snapback

Do you mind if I show you in advance an Obey item that is not available yet? This cap is supposed to drop in about a month, considering that its season is Holiday 18 but Blue Distribution kindly let me have it in advance, so I could make a post about a cap with a lot to say. It may look like “a cap” to you but there is a hidden meaning that makes it shine to my eyes.


We call this thing street culture because there is something related to it that is bigger than you think. Names, places, music, athletes, events, the list is long and it expands on daily basis. One of the names that stands out in street culture is Shepard Fairey, a skate punk from Rhode Island that wanted to voice his opinion. Outcome: he founded Obey in 2001 after he already had a reputation of being a revolutionary street artist with a one of a kind vision.


Shepard listened the same music that I listened to. That’s why it ain’t hard for me to tell you the inspirations behind the logo. We have to dig though rebel music of the 90s to discover that the cap here worn by Giorgia G is a sort of tribute to Sub Pop and Ice Cube.


The first is the record label from Seattle that had in its roster bands like Nirvana. The second is one of the members of NWA that later on became a solo artist considered a milestone of gangsta rap. Blending the two he created this logo on the crown on this Downbeat Snapback.


Check closely how new is this “post Dad Cap”, unstructured but with a stiff visor. The crown is made of sail cloth and it’s pretty low for a fresher fit. Do I need to say more? Yes I do: keep an eye on Blakshop so when it will be available you will be the first to rock it…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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