Obey ● Francis hat

Obey and my soul are in a sort of direct connection for what concerns the power of communication. We both seem to use our time to stimulate thoughts rather than brainwash people. The creative outlet of worldwide street artist Shepard Fairey never looks deja vu, the inspiration runs deep in this clothing brand that based its philosophy on revolutionary propaganda.

Beside being notorious for its political content Obey, on a lighter note, is also known as a brand whose Womens section has juice. Flavor. Style. Call it as you prefer but girls know that designers from this brand give women the importance they deserve when it’s time to get them dressed. As a matter of fact the cap that Elena S is wearing in these pictures is designed in a custom women fit.

Called Francis hat this headwear piece is the definition of what gets commonly labeled Dad Cap. Unstructured, with a curved visor and a very little embroidery on the center of the crown, this cap is made of cord in order to add on its retro feeling. I would dare to tell you that with such a name it may be a tribute to Francis the talking mule but this is an unofficial information so don’t say that you read it here. Also available in white, this cap with a brass strapback closure will spice up your outfit in any style, from formal to streetwear.

You can check online this brand by Blue Distribution on Blakshop.com but don’t forget to come back here tomorrow to check the third item for this “Blue 3 days special” that I’m having here… Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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