Obey ● Hadley 6 panel hat

I can’t stay off Obey for too long. Be it for the cultural heritage of founder Shepard Fairey or for the sharp designs of its items but I always have to go back to this Blue Distribution gem every now and then.

For this Hadley 6 panel hat there is no tribute to a punk band, nor a reference to OG music labels but the pure essence of a good looking cap. Following the formula of the dad hat that wants an unstructured cap to have a small embroidered logo at the center of the crown, but here there is a wind of news: the visor. Not all dad caps are created equal and here we have the same flat type of visor that we saw with Downbeat Snapback. Its structure is complete with brass eyelets on top and a strapback closure on the back, complete with a little woven label.

Looking closely its embroidered logo with a letter up and the other down, followed by another letter up and then another one down, it reminds me of something. Is it inspired by Black Flag 4 bars that follow the same disposition? It would make sense if you consider that this band was one of Shepard favorites.

The pigment dyed canvas twill of this cap here worn by Elena S, shown here in its army colorway, gives you plenty of matching opportunities, considering how many sneakers are now available in this shade of color. Wanna talk camouflage jackets or pants?! Wear it how you like it because… an Obey cap is never out of place.

When it comes to cop Obey online, you know you can rely on Blakshop whose website offers a proposal of most Blue Distribution brands. I suggest you to take some time and to check it far and wide, high and low. You will find yourself like me with Obey: you won’t be able to stay off Blakshop for too long.
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