Obey ● Hard Work Jacket

I’m happy to review this Obey item for a reason: it gives you the picture of what this brand is capable of. After the wave of “fake Obey” beanies of four years ago, after in the last months I had the chance to show you a collab Bad Brains hoodie, a coach jacket and a velour dad cap finally I can give you a different perspective on this brand.


It’s not a matter of a printed logo on a blank, it’s rather a matter of vision, conceiving an item that belongs to a brand respecting its DNA, giving it a stronger and more complete identity.


While there are several lines when you approach Obey (and its women collection is one of the most interesting ever in the whole streetwear panorama) I did it again: I dressed this girl whose name is Alessia M in men’s clothes. In men’s working clothes to be exact.


Check these pictures of this Hard Work Jacket and tell me if this isn’t what you’d want to wear these months. With four external pockets, a shade of washed green that makes it stand out and a slightly relaxed fit, this jacket is ready to follow you in every adventure.


In Shepard Fairey vision probably this workwear inspiration is connected to dynamic activities such as graffiti writing, skateboarding and, why not, stage diving. It’s no secret that the popular street artist (that was DJing last week at an event at The Seventh Letter gallery) has been raised on a strict diet of skateboarding and hardcore punk. This lead the rebellious teenager to become later on a street artist. A pretty good one, if I may add.


Street activities and work both require freedom of movement so what could be better than this item to do your thing, regardless of what it is? With a subtle branding with Andre The Giant eyes on the pocket together with another little woven label on the side, this Obey item is ready to make you shine.


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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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