Obey ● Integrity 5 Panel Hat

While most brands tend to “go with the flow” trying to blend with what the industry is doing in general, Obey keeps on doing its own thing. Of course Shepard Fairey brainchild is current for what concerns fits and materials but its message stays the same. Question authority. Think for yourself. Look beyond what they show you, jut like it happened in the movie “They Live” that inspired the whole vision beyond the brand.

This Integrity 5 Panel hat is quite direct, leaving no room for error when it comes to decipher its message. “Worldwide chaos and dissent. Justice by the people for the people”: these words sound like music to my ears. Nothing like a good old wake up call to make the difference in this world where everybody is sleeping, dreaming of lifestyles that they can’t afford. Here the key is completely different: it’s not a matter of how much does it cost but rather how much it gives a middle finger to the establishment.

Not only this 5 panel hat is affordable but it has a flawless shape and its color palette is something that you can wear all year round. Complete with Andre The Giant eyes just below the claim, this cap is as Obey as it gets, showing a design where everything is in its place, contrasting the revolutionary message.

Part of the current Fall Winter season, this headwear item is one of the many available in a selection that I find refreshing season after season. No matter if you love beanies with a large embroidery or with a small woven label, if your thing are retro looking snapbacks or crisp 5 panel hats with a discreet small embroidery: it’s all here. Having a massive presence in the streets, is no wonder that the most loved headwear items are all part of Obey proposal.

All you have to do at this point is figure out where your cap game is at. Once you realize you need a helping hand, Obey selection on Blakshop is here to serve you to get well with your own flow…
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