Obey ● International 5 Panel hat

Obey developed an iconography based on several elements and logos that made it to the collection one time or two or more then something new comes up, just to keep things interesting. Nice move indeed, it is no secret that this blog loves and supports this brand and the evolution behind it.

If there is a logo that never went away that is Andre The Giant. You never forget first love and this brand was born as a result of a propaganda campaign that a young Shepard Fairey created. In order to awaken people and make them feel insecure about their environment the young skate punk in 1989 started to post around stickers with the face of the wrestler and the claim “Andre The Giant has a posse”.

After years of running one of the most relevant streetwear brand for what concerns both its message and quality of its proposal the Andre The Giant eyes are still there, instilling ancestral fears into small humans too worried about the rat race. We saw them at last White Street Market edition, when the whole Obey booth was plastered of these eyes, creating an… eye catching pattern (no pun intended).

Here on this International 5 Panel Hat, just below its Obey logo you have one of those eyes and the nose of the above mentioned icon. Embroidered on a navy blue headwear piece that some call camper, some others 5 panel cap, this item is a must have if you are a fan of the brand just like me. Checking out in detail these pictures of Evelyn V you may notice that its flawless shape fits her head in a superior way.

Check how detailed it is, with a little woven label where the closure is. Are you getting more and more intrigued by my words and you want to discover this brand deeply? The online destination for your Obey shopping has a name and it’s Blakshop. You can do it on your own, no posse needed…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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