Obey ● Intl. Cities Deconstruction Anorak

Army inspired gear is a staple in Obey collections. No wonder if you think about the origins of the brand. Born as a creative outlet of the skate punk from Rhode Island known as Shepard Fairey, the brand was a tool to channel an anti-establishment attitude. As it was common during the 80’s before streetwear became a global phenomenon, punks and skaters relied on their DIY abilities where what you wore is what you created, not what you bought from a reseller, like kids do nowadays.


From spikes and stencils on leather jackets to handmade designs on tees, punk movement was totally affordable: all you needed was knowledge and a rebel attitude. It’s easy to understand how army gear had a relevant place in that scenario: no matter if it was a pair of cargo pants or worn out M65 jackets, those items were ready to get under your custom treatment and become the best punk attires ever.


Here today we have a contemporary taste of that OG flavor with Intl. Cities Deconstruction Anorak, a jacket that is destined to make your eyes open wide. It is a twill item that can be worn as a windbreaker or as a sort of lightweight jacket when it gets slightly chilly.


As shown by Sharon Z in these pictures, there are two side pockets and a main kangaroo pocket under the flap with the Obey logo representing Andre The Giant eyes.


Instead of a political claim, on the back there is a list of cities that state once again how Shepard message is universal. It is a wonderful planet and we all belong to it, so we’d better get along in harmony and treat it right. It is our duty to make this old Earth survive and this jacket sounds like a message that brings us all together as one.


If at this point you already run to the thrift shop and then to the paint shop it is a good sign but if you do not want to take risks you can rely on Blakshop, whose Obey section is never missing in camouflage and olive green items that tell the world where you stand…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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