Obey ● Lovely Trucker jacket

Gone are the days of Killah Priest rapping in “Protect ya neck II the zoo”: “Yo! Ni__as grab the mic like the bites of a scorpion”. Yessir, that is a classic track but it’s 2018 and now Drake just dropped a double album titled… “Scorpion”. No matter the music and no matter the year the scorpion remains an aggressive animal that becomes an icon for danger.

Obey is no stranger to danger, being founder Shepard Fairey a street artist, beside a political activist, whose field of action is always the grey area among legal and illegal. The fascination with forbidden actions and danger embodied by the scorpion found a very interesting representation on this Lovely Trucker Jacket.

Following the denim jacket design Obey created an item that couldn’t have had a better timing. Allover print denim is popping here and there and people show signs of appreciation of what seems the item that right now you can’t live without. We are talking about the evolution of the denim jacket that punks were used to wear beneath their leather jacket or their bomber, going with them wherever they went.

Obey once again shows sensibility towards an old school feel juxtaposed against the current city life where trends come and go but style is forever, and this jacket is not lacking in that sense.

Made of a screen printed cotton twill, this jacket is about to drop as part of Fall/Winter season. This means that you can wear it with a shirt or a fleece at first and then throw this item in a multilayered outfit when it gets colder.

One thing is sure: no matter how you wear it, you can even go shirtless like Shaki R in these pictures, but there is no way to deny it: the appeal of this item is magnetic.

Get magnetized all you want and when you come to the conclusion that this is yours, keep an eye on Blakshop, the online shop with the largest selection of Obey items. This jacket is about to drop, be patient!
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