Obey ● Mission snapback

Obey your need for new headwear. Refuse to wear average caps. Stand out in the crowd. I am just figuring out how an ad for this headwear piece would it be in “They Live” movie. Obey Clothing had a major inspiration at its early beginnings coming from the above mentioned John Carpenter movie. Hidden messages that were destined to your brain but not perceived by your eyes were orchestrated by an alien race that took over the planet, hiding among us. It’s this revolutionary approach to streetwear that makes me a fan of this brand.


They say that the devil is in the details and when you approach the headwear section of Shepard Fairey brand you have further proof. Not long ago we saw Alchemy 5 panel hat that with its mesh side panels got us pleasantly surprised but what about this Mission snapback?


With a shape that reminds me of that Hadley 6 panel hat that we saw last season, this one shares the same flat visor but has a slightly more round crown. On the front you have a message that hits you like a punch that says “Obey no one chaos dissent propaganda” that in 6 words sums the great work of the founder, the man that with that Obama campaign took street art to the next level.


The twill of this brilliant headwear piece here worn by Lisa L has the same feeling of your best pair of chino pants while the white embroidery makes the message more subtle. Its font is reminding me of retro college fleeces but Andre The Giant eyes in the center of the arch says loud and crear that you gotta be graduated in the streets to wear this.


On the arch closure you can find a woven label to certify that this is an official Obey item, just like all those that you can find on Blakshop. You will have no other Obey shop. All your Obey Clothing has to come from this website (you guessed it, I’m using the “They Live” communication approach once again…)
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