Obey ● Novel Basic Bleach Tie Dye t-shirt

Do you know other brands that are so down with people like Obey is? I understood deeply the dynamics behind this brand after last June I saw the Obey Giant movie, at White Street Market in Milan. Shepard Fairey, a skate punk that wanted to change the world with a dollar and a dream, never forgot where he came from. One of the elements that stands out along the path that made this brand what it is today is the joy of the DIY approach, typical of the punk subculture.

If mainstream music circuit wasn’t giving exposure to this genre, here in Europe it lived a parallel life of its own with the power of underground connections. Punks and squatted social communities centers created a net themselves that was something that you could rely on, when this lifestyle is all you cared about.

Back then it was very rare to find those “punk clothes” that made you stand out and show the world that you had a rebel soul. As a byproduct of the DIY attitude at a concert you could see stenciled biker jackets rather than handmade tees made with the same bleach used to stain your denims.

Actually a spinoff of the tie dye technique that was mastered by hippies during the Summer of Love, here is the intent that is different. While the flower children were all about peace and feeling good with cute colors, punks stained in a rough way their tees with bleach to express disgust for the system and their hate for the establishment.

Novel Basic Bleach Tie Dye t-shirt pays homage to the OG punk intent with a state of the art craftsmanship as you see from these pictures of Monik D. Don’t be a punk: come tomorrow at the Obey Pop Up Store Opening Party in the heart of Milan to exchange views on street fashion and the movements that originated it. You can buy your Obey Clothing there or online on Blakshop, as you feel…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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