Obey ● Parker Sling Bag

It’s much more easier if we start this with the first sentence of Obey Manifesto “The Obey campaign can be explained as an experiment in phenomenology”. It’s not a t-shirt brand nor a copycat brand that rides the latest wave. It won’t sell its sole in order to sell you product, but it rather stimulate your critical spirit, possibly getting you enriched by the experience. Obey is the outcome of Shepard Fairey rebel attitude, a skate punk from Rhode Island that fell in love with punk rock and DIY ethic.

Being a skater he got exposed to the early hip hop movement too whose heroes were Run DMC, Public Enemy and Eric B and Rakim to name a few. These last two on their Paid in Full cover had custom bootleg Gucci jackets tailored by none else than Dapper Dan. It was an era where cultural appropriation of luxe was an act of strength, not a statement of wealth like it is now. It was like saying: “I want the world and I want it now”.

The legacy lives to this very day where Obey is including this Parker Sling bag in its current collection, not to emulate high end fashion but rather to make fun of it. Just like Marika G is making fun of custom 4 wheels drive with this kids bumper car.

Such a long intro was necessary to figure out the context of this fresh accessory, that sets itself apart from all the other crossbody bags that we have seen here in these last seasons. This faux leather bag is actually made of PU (vegans welcome!) and its golden zipper together with the Obey metal rivet on top give this item that touch of finesse that makes the difference. Thermo glued laser etched branding on the front is large but delicate, since there is only a thin white outline.

After my short lesson in phenomenology you must be tired. Feel free to head to Obey section on Blakshop to restore your spirit now…
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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema foto

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