Obey ● Plans For The Future Back Alley

Obey Clothing is all you want it to be. You may have a design of a tee that makes fun of high fashion, some other may have a slogan while you can find a flip of an hardcore punk logo on another one and many other possibilities. If there is an artistic genre that is very influential in several Shepard Fairey designs for Obey is Russian Propaganda posters. The strong revolutionary impact of that iconography is undeniable and Shepard thought that it was perfect to convey his messages of awareness towards the huge fanbase that he can reach all over the world. So here’s Plans For The Future Back Alley womens t-shirt that Serena N is wearing here is giving a much needed message: “Action turn plans into reality-the future is unwritten”. A woman from the past is represented here, to give a timeless aura to these extremely important words of hope. The t-shirt is made of a washed cotton to give it a vintage feeling that looks really good, especially in a fit like this. Obey success is unstoppable: street art applied to clothing is appealing to a lot of different people. It may be the loose and modern cuts like that Floral Posse Throwback top that we saw here in April or the witty humor portrayed like on that Melted Pigment crewneck of a couple of weeks ago, together with the need of strong messages to open people mind and make them reflect. That’s why Obey collection is huge and Blue Distribution works hard to select the best shops to carry this brand.

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