Obey ● Public Opinion Basic Pullover

To tell you that I love this Obey hoodie would be an understatement. I find it totally brilliant, to be honest, and it displays the subtle genius that, as a matter of fact, is at the foundation of this brand.

Born out of the need to communicate “something else” to the masses, far from the marketing schemes of the average streetwear brand, the inspiration to found Obey came from a movie called “They Live” by John Carpenter. In this masterpiece the Earth is controlled by a sort of alien race that instills in our brain at any possible occasion how to be obedient, to consume and to marry and reproduce through continuous propaganda hidden in each and every billboard and road sign.

In this movie Nada, the main character, through a pair of special sunglasses can identify both subliminal messages and aliens. This aspect of the alternative way to see things is what gets me hyped about Obey and its message. Same thing happened to founder Shepard Fairey and to his colleagues that fell in love with street art.

This hoodie that Sally B is wearing is called Public Opinion Basic Pullover and it’s distributed by Blue, like the rest of the Obey collection. Its inspiration is to be found in those cheap cartoon sunglasses with one red and one blue lens created to have a three dimensional vision. That’s what the Obey Propaganda design on this hoodie wants to represent. You get tricked into thinking that the logo is in 3d but you are missing the sunglasses.

This thick hoodie is ready for winter, just in case you aren’t. Instead of representing mass distribution of apparel to conform and obey what the giant corporations want you to buy, you gotta show them your love of all things related to art and free thinking. That’s the only propaganda I accept and promote.

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