Obey ● Static Crewneck

I don’t think that Andre the Giant ever planned to become such a legendary character but that’s exactly how it went. The OG wrestler had an impressive body frame since he was affected with acromegaly, a pathology that made him way bigger than tall human beings, letting him earn his ring name.

He is the man that sparkled the first Obey propaganda ever, before the brand was even born, with Shepard Fairey posting his iconic “Andre The Giant has a posse” stickers in order to make people question what was the purpose of that way of passing such an unusual info.

Obey is not the kind of brand that built his success on a logo but rather on a few logos and all of them are in a continuous evolution, just like the brand itself. One of these is a a section of the notorious sticker cropped around the eyes. Inquisitive eyes, that instill fear of the unknown but that at the same time remind you that in these modern times somebody is always watching you.

On this Static Crewneck that Elisa C is wearing (even if it’s a men’s item), you have the outline of those eyes that becomes an allover pattern, losing their aggressive impact and becoming an hard to decipher graphic element. Exactly the kind of design that intrigues me, the type of item that makes your friends want to ask you: “What crewneck is this?”. The branding is uber discreet: just a very little woven label close to the hem.

This crewneck in its flavorful yellow has a loose fit and it’s made of a smooth fleece that will make you want to wear this item over and over. At least until you become legendary like Andre The Giant was…

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