Obey ● Trail 5 Panel Hat

Sometimes I smile thinking how things seem easy for Shepard Fairey once it comes to create new items for Obey, his clothing brand. Let me make myself clear: once you are in your element what you do is easy and exciting. Think of a skater doing a kickflip or an artist preparing his colors for his next painting, rather than a tailor that shortens a pair of pants. Nothing of these basic acts comes hard for them, yet the skater can’t sew, the artist can’t kickflip and the tailor can’t paint.

Now give a look to this Trail 5 Panel Hat. Do you realize how perfectly on point it is? Its design comes from the recent wave of utility inspired apparel that wants your style close to that of a street worker.

Blame it on the newfound exigence to live the night as a counterpart of the day, often neglected in the past, for sports and commuting by bicycle or by skate but reflective accents on your apparel are now at an all time high.

You see that on sneakers and backpacks and now it was about time for Obey to drop a proper cap that fits such trend. What could ever be better than the evergreen silhouette of a 5 panel cap with a flat visor?! Now, going back to my first sentence, this probably felt easy for Shepard Fairey.

Keeping this design as basic as it may seem at first sight, while placing a large branding on his crown, creating a smashing headwear piece is something that only a streetwear expert can create. And it wouldn’t even be hard but… only if you are familiar with what the streets want.

Made entirely of nylon with both the bands and the branding on top reflective, you can make this cap fit to your head thanks to its webbing strap with plastic clasp closure, where the woven label is. Now that you saw it, you can browse Obey section on Blakshop to focus on your online shopping: it’s so easy…

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