Obey ● Hooded Coaches jacket

Christmas tour de force is over so I’m back on my thing: streetwear finesse. Not belonging to the collection of any brand whose name is Observing the Belligerent Existence in Youth, what we have in front of us is another Obey item.

We gave a look to that Mother Earth long sleeve tee from the same brand not long ago and now we are back in Blue Distribution territory to check out this Hooded Coaches Jacket. The item commonly defined as Coach jacket is usually a nylon jacket a little longer than a denim one with snap closure in the front, with a cord at the hem. The very first ones that I remember were those produced by San Francisco skate magazines like Thrasher and Slap around 1995.

Lined in a thick jersey mesh, this version worn here by Serenella M has an upgrade: the hood. This woodland camouflage garment belonging to Shepard Fairey brand is not too heavy, leaving you free to move. For street smart activity such as skateboarding, it’s the ideal jacket. Same if your mission is to slide through trains at night to leave your mark on them with spray paint. That’s why the style of print is irregular, with a few paint stains, like this garment went under a stencil technique treatment.

Feel free to leave your mark in society today: Obey Propaganda supports any street action (with a purpose). Check more of this Propaganda in form of apparel that is taking over the planet at Blakshop.com: the Obey section of this website deserves your attention (just like the state of things deserves a revolution…)

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