Obey ● Mother Earth long sleeve t-shirt by Blue Distribution

Obey is a main player of this streetwear thing. With an authentic respect for the pioneers of the revolutionary propaganda that Obey represents to this very day, this brand can’t be touched. Add to this a proper working ethic, roots firms planted in a countercultural terrain and attention to what happens in streetwear.

I’m getting there but first leave me one second of self-celebration: being a product of my environment and not a journalist turned street style expert, I know exactly where the inspiration for this piece comes from. How can I? Press releases? Description on the website? No, sir: I know because in my youth I was a punk.

Me and the boys had an almost religious respect for Crass. Anti-establishment peaceful warriors, this Essex collective was spreading knowledge in their albums about a system that only worked to support an economic logic of profit. The graphic work of Crass had the presence of this “stencil ready” font that got sampled on this Mother Earth long sleeve t-shirt that Elizabeth P is wearing.

You could find Crass logos on the back of leather jackets: the plot was generally a squared image and a claim written with these fonts all around, just like this tee. Obey Propaganda is nothing but a much needed “thought stimulating process” through clothing with a message.

This brand available through Blue Distribution has many different shades, from the most activist for the boys to sharp street fashion for the girls, with all you can find in between. You can check Obey collection on Blakshop and if something needs explanation ask me, just in case…

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