Obey x Bad Brains ● Rocket Hooded fleece by Blue Distribution

Are you familiar with Bad Brains? I think that their cassette tape “Rock for Light” was among the first ones in heavy rotation in my Walkman®. In the mid 80s hardcore punk was all me and my friends listened to, so the Washington DC band was a much revered group. The reggae core band was outstanding for its creativity and for the fact that basically you could pogo one song, than relax with the reggae vibes of the following one.

Bad Brains are a staple in hardcore punk with one of the most powerful live shows ever. A few years ago the Washington Capitol that was on the cover of their first albums went through all types of graphic remixes. Shepard Fairey, the man responsible for Obama campaign “Yes We Can”, is a punk at heart and the goal of his Obey propaganda is to subvert and make you think with your own mind. That’s why he thought it was the right time to bring back the band with a strong anti-establishment content, whose iconography was so ahead of its time.

The capsule Obey x Bad Brains is a trip down memory lane with graphics that come from their records and flyers of the 80s, a crucial period for hardcore punk. This Rocket Hooded fleece and other items from the capsule of this Blue Distribution brand are available online at Blakshop. If I was you, once you are done watching these pictures of Elena S, I would play a Bad Brains album real loud and when the shivers calm down, try to focus on your favorite piece of the capsule… Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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