Obey x Glen E. Friedman ● Beastie Boys Hood

So many things to do, so little time… This hoodie should have been posted a while ago but Obey Splits Sherpa anorak had the priority, then I went on a little holiday so here I am, late, just like in real life (it doesn’t get more authentic than this)…

Beastie Boys were one of the first rap groups that I ever had the chance to listen. Slayer and Beasties were under the same label in 1986 and I didn’t know anything about rap so I ventured to listen their first album and got immediately hooked. I even made me a bootleg hoodie with a stencil, xeroxing the logo (I swear, before Shepard Fairey taught you this tool was the basic of street art, together with the sticker).

Back then there was one name and one name only when it came to photography of the hardcore punk scene, hip hop and skateboarding and that was Glen E.Friedman. If you are into social media and the above mentioned street cultures, do not miss the opportunity to follow Glen Instagram profile: this photographer shot all my childhood heroes, from Ice T to Public Enemy, from Tony Alva to Stacy Peralta, from Ian McKaye to Glen Danzig and many many others. To make thing simple, it’s like this iconic character put together the photobook of my idols in my teen phase.

Shepard felt it was the right time to give back to such an iconic character of alternative subcultures and created a collaboration capsule where he revisited timeless shots of Beastie Boys and Run DMC from his book “Together Forever” with his trademark touch and the result is overcharged with pre-internet passion.

Peep this Beastie Boys hood where the squad of punks turned rappers are illin’ at Washington Square Arch in New York with a cut and paste collage of the other pictures of the book together with random elements such as the Statue of Liberty. Of course Glen E.Friedman signature is both on the bottom left of the front print and on the back.

Shepard once told that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permit, so I hope you forgive me for being late, focusing on my overwhelming passion alone.
Once you are done, focus on the whole Together Forever capsule, you will love it.

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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