Obey x Misfits ● Fiend Club Hallow Basic T-Shirt

Misfits make a mark on punk rock that is impossible to ignore. Its unmistakable smiling skull and its horror based iconography, together with the epic performances of the frontman Glen Danzig made them an iconic punk band whose cult is still strong to this day. I didn’t throw randomly the word “epic” at them: their were relying on punk aesthetics while pushing at the same time an horror influenced kind of music, also romantic at times. But basically with titles like “I turned into a martian” and “20 eyes” or rather “Mommy can I go out and kill tonight?” and their creepy image that beside leather jackets also included heavy make up, it was impossible among punk circles to ignore them.

With the ultra limited release of their first records and their iconography so captivating, allow me to say that they become the most collectible punk band ever. Do I need to mention that even Pushead made a timeless artwork for the Misfits?

Shepard Fairey, the skate punk from Rhode Island that fell in love with street art and social activism and then founded Obey, must have dreamed in his room looking at their pictures on the fanzines or probably he even had a poster on his wall. That’s why it makes perfect sense to think of the two entities working on a collaboration project that gave birth to their second capsule collection developed together.

I picked this Fiend Club Hallow Basic T-Shirt as an excuse to reminisce about that era but it is an Obey item not to be taken lightly. Inspired by a flyer of a live show (but also by the cover of “Horror Business”), the classic Misfits skull has been remixed with those Andre the Giant eyes that everybody identifies with Obey Clothing.

Aren’t you curious to know more about this collab? All you have to do is browse Blakshop and once you are on Obey brand you will find yourself wanting to cop everything. I told you Misfits were the most collectible punk band ever…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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