Obey ● Floral Posse Throwback top

How nice is a girl dressed in Obey?! Don’t you wish your girl was rocking pieces like these?! The fever for the Obey flavor is hitting Italy real hard.

Since this or that artist has been seen around dressed with items from this brand, the thing went snowballing and even the masses that are not aware of the effective weight in street culture of this brand wear it happily. Quantity and quality? Yes, it’s the case.

Not only the brand founded by Shepard Fairey is doing good all over the planet but it’s also one of the trendsetters that shows the utmost sensibility towards its women’s collection, a thing not so common in streetwear.

It’s a matter of feeling, to print mens subjects on smaller tees is not enough. You gotta show versatility and here there is all it takes to have a woman feminine but down with street culture at the same time. Obey Posse is the message and flowers are the way to say it on this Floral Posse Throwback top.

From the tattooed girl that wants something sweet to contrast her style to the girl next door that doesn’t dare much, this piece fits them all. This very wide lightweight top that Giada I is wearing needs your touch to become your own. True: this time I show you a girl dressed in womens clothing, not in a mens t-shirt and I’m sure it shows.

Blue Distribution cares about your image so I had to move according to their plan: me too I don’t want your girl looking any less than fabulous.

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