Official ● Arch Khaki strapback

If you are a slave to the hype and you cop an headwear piece just because of the brand embroidered on it, you aren’t exactly the ideal reader of this blog. I am nobody in the big scheme of things but I do my best to honestly share what I know with streetwear fans that want to elevate their level of knowledge.


This was a mandatory intro before we start to check this Official cap. This Californian brand puts a superior attention to detail and this makes it shine to my eyes. I have a strong passion for headwear and I can relate to Official because when I see caps like this one worn by Camilla M I can tell that me and this brand vibe to the same wavelength.


We can relate as long as we talk about materials and shapes, because these are crucial points when you choose a cap. Take this Arch Khaki strapback. Here craftsmanship is far from average, considering that the front of the crown shows eight felt letters stitched one by one in an arch shape. No embroideries but thin letters that tell the world that you are into fine headwear.


The six panels that form this crown create a mid height dad cap that is the coolest thing that you can wear nowadays. Look closely and you will discover an herringbone cotton twill that can’t wait to let you shine in the simplest Summer outfit: a white tee and a light pair of chinos. The finesse level stays high as you check its closure: no plastic snap but a leather strap with a laser etched state of the art branding.


Does my intro make more sense now? Do yourself a favor in order to progress style wise: browse Official website and try to understand on your own what I meant above by using the words “superior attention”…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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