Official ● Blackpool Blue + Purp snapbacks

Official lets me have fun with two colorways of the same cap so how can I say no to such offer?! The Californian brand stays true to its tradition where headwear is a crucial part of your outfit and it has not to be taken lightly.

Being crucial we should start with some facts and then we can talk about feelings and sensations. This is a 5 panel cap with an allover floral print available in two different colorways. Entirely made of cotton, this unstructured headwear piece is a Dad Cap of the utmost quality. At the center of the smooth crown there is a little patch with the name of the brand and in the back you have a standard plastic closure with a mini woven label.

Available in two different shades of blue called Blackpool Blue and Blackpool Purp, this cap has some delicate attention to detail as Official got us used to. The cotton twill has been washed and like this wasn’t enough it has been distressed and it shows holes on the visor and on the side stitching of the front of the crown.

My feelings and my sensations are obviously positive. The choice of colors makes these caps stand out discreetly. You can tell that these are two headwear pieces out on a killing spree but they take the Roberta Flack way, killing you softly.

The way Francesca L wears both these caps gives you the picture on how the fit pays a major part among the features of these caps, whose crown is smoothly wrapped around her head. To make it simple: this cap shows how much you are down with headwear freshness and average caps are not something that can be found in your dictionary. Not feeling the floral print? Too bad, the pink of the flower would match perfectly your all pink sneakers but no problem: Official website has all the answers for your headwear quest…
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