Official ● Flight Strap Ace + #stayofficial Long Strap strapbacks

Can you stop streetwear progression? Not when Official is in the mix. It has been a minute that I didn’t have any Official posts but nothing is lost as you can see. This Californian brand with strong ties to the skate scene sent over to my headquarters a few bangers that you shouldn’t miss.

The concept is pretty much this: apparel as you know it is just the starting point to create a new dimension in street style where paradoxically, less is more and exaggeration get along well. Am I still tipsy from Christmas to say so? Follow me and you will see that I am not that far from the truth.

Less is more said good ole Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Try to reach an essential design that works and you will have the most out of it. As you can see that’s quite the intention of the designers here. These two strapbacks Flight Strap Ace and #stayofficial Long Strap don’t have tonal contrasts or 3d embroideries. These are two plain black caps with Official logo embroidered ton sur ton on the side.

Flight Strap Ace is a structured 5 panel cap while #stayofficial Long Strap is an unstructured 6 panel cap. So different yet so similar, right? These two different shapes are very similar when it comes to color and branding.

The exaggeration that I was talking about is in the length of the strap. The designers made them incredibly long, like something never seen before and added another branding there, right on the strap, in two different styles. While Flight Strap Ace here worn by Marta P is very in your face, #stayofficial Long Strap worn by Francesca T is more discreet with its white embroidery at the end of the strap.

Keep an eye on this brand whose main flagship store is located in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles because these two caps are only a very small part of Official extended range
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Photos courtesy of Elena Volpi

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