Official ● Groundsman Olive strapback

Official has that delicate attention when it comes to headwear. I showed you quite a few caps by this Californian brand and every time it’s a new discovery. We went from contrast visor snapbacks three years ago to allover print buckets two years ago to a dad cap a couple of weeks ago.


Headwear is a part of streetwear that keeps on changing and its evolution is what gets me hyped, especially when I have such ill caps like this one that Camilla M is wearing. Groundsman Olive strapback is technically another dad cap but its design is far from being average.


First of all its inspiration comes from Official home turf: California. Not but accident the flag of this state includes a Grizzly bear and a star. The first symbolizing strength while the second is a reference to sovereignty. To say it in a less didactic and a more gangster way: the bear is all about California love.


With its wrapping shape and its washed army twill it ain’t hard to say that this is a dad cap that would make water at the mouth any headwear connoisseur. But I opened this post talking about a “delicate attention” so of course… there is more. Look over the visor and there is a precious touch of faux suede. Its under visor will make you go crazy with its delicate tone of plaid that you can also find on the back strap. To add a retro touch you have Official embroidered over the arch where the closure is.


Considering how army green and next level camouflage patterns are still strong these days, this dad cap represents a winning choice but feel free not to agree. In such case, you can browse the whole Official website until you find that special cap that you ar looking for. Considering how many caps are available there, it will take some time but you will succeed…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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