Official ● Rarri Molded strapback

I truly don’t know if Official designers wanted to give us a 2012 throwback with that Waka Flocka Flame joint called “Rooster In My Rari” or is it the Cardi B hit with 21 Savage “Barrier Cardi” where she opens up with a “Bardi in a ‘Rari, diamonds all over my body, but one thing is sure: current day rappers are all about that ‘Rarri.

For those unfamiliar with urban music slang this is the way for rappers to call the ultimate street dream: a Ferrari. I remember like it was yesterday, me and a friend entered a Los Angeles boutique in 2007 and the owner after he understood that we were Italians said: “Are you from Italy? You have Ferraris, the best cars in the world”.

For those like me and you that didn’t have that rockstar cash flow, you can represent it on your cap with this Official Rarri Molded strapback and still feel happy. As you can see by these pictures of Margherita P, the headwear piece that we are dealing with today has a craftsmanship that speaks by itself. First and foremost it’s the 2d embroidery that catches the eye. Look how defined is the reproduction of an 80s Testarossa of Maranello’s finest at the center of the crown, close to where the Official sticker on the visor is.

A slightly washed canvas twill to give that retro effect and an unstructured molded crown are definitely a good start but if you also add a curved visor and a woven Italian flag on the back, this strapback is truly superior. A piece to make Enzo Ferrari proud, even if he surely never listened to any modern day rap.

With such an introduction you surely need to explore Official website whose proposal is wide and allows you to choose among many different styles, from the craziest to the most clean. You can start to save money for the ‘Rarri from tomorrow…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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