Official ● Scarf/Glove Set

So, after Christmas and New Year’s Eve are gone, Blue Monday too, you are starting to focus on Spring collections that start to pop up in shops here and there. Then you put your head out of the house and temperatures are mad low so you gotta focus on reality: it’s mid January and it’s still very cold.

There is a trend that you may have jumped on already if you are sharp, if not here I am: football inspired scarfs. I was at Pitti Immagine last week and I saw quite a few (and I reviewed one here not long ago) so let me state it officially: if you ain’t rocking a football inspired scarf your style needs tuning. Luckily Official comes to the rescue.

Called very simply Scarf/Glove Set, this kit worn here by Alexandra D keeps you warm with all the freshness you need. Using a basic color palette black and olive, these items are ready to blend with ease with most of your outfits.

The craftsmanship consists of a two tone jacquard scarf with fringe complete with a woven label reminding of a nautical flag, while the gloves have an olive thumb and index contrasting a black glove that reveals the branding on the side of the hand.

Now as I write I’m smiling thinking that a few seasons ago would have been crazy to talk about knitted kits like this but streetwear is a bit like Diddy: it never stops.

Official stays current with its headwear proposal, as I showed you recently, but this brand also has a few more brilliant accessories like these in its range. All you have to do is sit back and relax, now that your neck stays warm, take the gloves off and type on your URL field. I know, you wish it was Christmas again, you have just found a couple of ideal gifts…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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