Official ● Shoulder Bag

Official is here to show us what it’s all about. While a multitude of hypebeasts stays glued to its keyboard in order to buy and resell the same three brands that everybody is wearing, thinking they are exclusive or special, Official gives you the must of the season served on a silver plate.


Yes, you can’t think you know what’s up without Official Shoulder Bag. This piece has a glorious history that goes back to when I started to skate and this means around 1985. You weren’t a skater if you had no hip bag (that’s how these bags were called). You had keys, wallet, wrench key and a couple of spare nuts and bearings in there.


Times change and the evolution of this item has been out of control. After free climbers and outdoor aficionados in general made this fanny pack (another way to call it) their own, it disappeared completely from the catalog of any streetwear brand.


In recent times where everything form the past is the best and anything else we detest, the hip bag became the shoulder bag. Once you start to see influent characters of our era like A$ap Rocky or Kanye West asking you to subscribe to Hypebeast newsletter rocking one, it’s more than enough to define a phenomenon.


Join the squad, Official welcomes you with open arms and you don’t need to sell your car to own one: the Shoulder bag that Silvia D is wearing here costs like a cap. Made of waterproof sail cloth, this little bag is big enough to carry a little bottle of water. You have a net pocket in the front, another in the back and two more inside.


Since this is 2018 and not 1985 Official added a contemporary touch: its logo is printed in reflective paint. Official has that sharp taste in picking what we all love that now you have no choice: browse Official website and tell me if I’m wrong…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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