Official – 1D Summertime t-shirt

Summertime may be almost over but it’s not too late to celebrate it to the fullest. What a better move than this Official tee called… 1D Summertime. As you may know by now, after all the Official gear that I reviewed, this is mostly a headwear brand but such thing doesn’t mean that this can put any limit to the creative department. Once you have an impressive logo and it works nicely on caps, why not to put it on a t-shirt?! There is more love for colors than that Ice T movie on this piece that Ramona R is wearing. Look closely and you will see a pattern dedicated to food: burgers, popsicles, watermelons, soda drinks and ice creams blend in a messy design that you almost can’t decipher. But the logo is sick and colorful and that’s all that matters. I told you above that I reviewed a bunch of gear from this brand but I never showed you before this logo, that is a staple in its range. Official, as a matter of fact is not about sport teams but rather about its own name and its skate crew, composed by your favorite skaters, from steaming hot rookies like Miles Silvas to veterans like Jamie Thomas up to legends like John Cardiel. Once again the choice is yours: who do you want to support with your wallet once you enter a shop? Do you want to give a couple of burgers to this skate posse or do you want to follow false prophets? Don’t do mistakes: improve your style… Officially!

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