Official – Highlife t-shirt

I lost count of how many meanings and references the words “high life” have. The part of the society on top, the movie, the Miller beer, the Daft Punk joint and of course all those that lead a… high life are just the most common. One thing is sure: Official is not here to define but rather yet to evoke. The brand that I introduced you through headwear finds funny to have a fews tees in their range and what I’m showing you today is part of its collection. Sacramento, in the heart of California, is the place that Official calls home. This allows them to get exposure to all the influences of what’s fresh and what’s trash. Beside the fact that this brand works in a tight relationship with your favorite pro skaters, it also meets the expectations of a large number of non skating fans of the brand. I kid you not when I tell you that in my way of talking when I say “Official!” I mean a definitive concept, something that is not supposed to have a reply. There is a strong wave in global streetwear of black t-shirts with plain writing so Official designers thought that nothing works better than a bold “high” in the front and “life” on the back, as you can see from these pictures of Elisa G with the Highlife t-shirt. No frills, straight to the concept, this is how it goes. Keep an eye on this brand as I will show some more Official items. In case you didn’t notice, it is supporting my blog with this banner on the side… officially.

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