Official – Indigo Trap camper

Official is doing a really good job in his quest for the ultimate cap. What has been done up to now means nothing when you are in front of this Indigo Trap camper. I don’t know what is dope in your book but this cap surely is in mine. I mean, when did you see before a light denim bleached in a way that designs a pattern that looks like a wallpaper? No print, no 3d embroidery and most of all no plastic closure on this piece. This is a state of the art camper as you can see: the fact that it’s bleached makes the denim smooth and even if the pattern gets the attention, the logo is a micro metal badge that makes the cap precious. The most precious part by the way it’s probably the closure: leather strap with an embossed logo and a brass buckle aren’t easy to see on an ordinary cap. So this must be extraordinary and now that I think of it, it truly is. Official embodies the skater spirit to go beyond the limits. With a team that is as diverse as their range, this brand has something for the head of Jamie Thomas but also for Marquise Henry, for Rodrigo TX and even for Stefan Janoski, passing by John Cardiel. This is the hidden message: we respect and we want to give an original headwear piece to all of you, no matter what your style is. Brands like this share my state of mind: we are all the same, we just need a dope cap and everything is going to be alright.

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