Official – OFCL Lux strapback

When I saw this Official cap I couldn’t believe my eyes. This piece is nothing short of genius, if you consider that it pays homage to a phenomenon that was strictly connected to hip hop superstars of the 80s. How many of you know who Dapper Dan is? This Harlem taylor become legendary if you consider that his creations ended up on an Eric B and Rakim cover and he had the honor to dress people like LL Cool J, Mike Tyson, Ultramagnetic MCs, KRS One and Bobby Brown. The need to show off at that time was the equivalent of a message that you send to your people that sounds like “Hey, look at me: I made it!”. Dapper Dan was the man when it was time to create authentic state of the art outfits that were inspired by French and Italian high end luxury brands. Among the fabrics he used there was also MCM. Modern Creation München has this impressive logo with its three letters and a little crown of laurel. We are slowly getting there: being the original name of this brand “Official Crown of Laurel” and being influenced in its attitude by hip hop style rather than others, OFCL Lux strapback is a fabulous tribute cap that packs all these stories in one piece. Made with a very smooth faux leather material, a golden/acrylic MMVII label and a luxury strap back closure, as you can see from these pictures of Ramona R, this Official cap is a masterpiece (even if you never heard of Dapper Dan before). Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.


  1. Danielle Moreira 12 May 2015
    • admin 12 May 2015
  2. Walter Impallomeni 21 May 2015

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