Official – Pil Reflective bucket

Are you feeling like ODB today? Do you feel like you should rap “Energy buildin, takin all types of medicines/Your a** thought you were better than”? Then you should consider this option when it comes to headwear. Official has a unique taste as you know very well by now and with this bucket it went all out, bypassing the line of what you and me have already seen around. This Pil Reflective bucket on the head of Michela B has a reflective print of a pattern made of pills that you will see in case your camera flashes on it. Isn’t this mind-blowing? A pattern pills and it’s even reflective in a true Health Goth fashion. That mini white plate with Official logo is the same that we saw here in its gold version on that Yacht Life strapback not long ago. This wasn’t enough for Official designers that also printed another giant pill inside the crown. There is a message under the visor too: good for health / bad for education. I am not very skilled in the pill field. Does this mean that raver culture sucks? I can’t really figure out the sense of all this but basically this scenario makes this cap closer to an art piece than an headwear piece. Art doesn’t need to be explained, right? Good art makes you think, bad art is disgusting. Don’t think too much if you want to steal the scene next time to go to your skate spot / school / club: this is your choice. But don’t take pills unless you have to! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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