Official – Rain Shroom Buckit

Official has such an extended range of caps that if you browse its website it will take you more than you think to peep its production from A to Z. I am a sucker for its snapbacks but… there’s plenty more. So this time I went out of my confort zone and I am here to show you Rain Shroom Buckit, the most inspired hat ever in this style. In a logic based on the success of the outdoor vibe that is catching up more and more, this bucket is all about a return to nature. What grows up in those grass fields among other things? If you are a black belt stoner you will wander outside looking for mushrooms and psilocybins when there are the right conditions, so the designers over at Official thought that an all over pattern like this would have been top notch (and they were absolutely right). That pattern together with its woven label is your guarantee of a superior item. As you can see from these pictures of Sara T even the shape of this rip stop cap is on point. That aqua green looks new in a light tan and brown pattern and I know that you girls know how to bring out matching earrings or shoe laces. In case you are not a girl don’t worry: there are plenty of tan suede sneakers to let you do a proper match. Just don’t get arrested and tell that I told you to match psilocybins on your cap with those in your mouth, ok?! All I told you was that outdoor vibe is nice. Pictures courtesy of Letizia Da Re.

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