Official – Roj”o” Cham snapback

“Chop the O, sprinkle a little snow inside the Optimo/swing the John Mc Enroe, rap rock’n’roll” are a couple of bars of abstract wordplay of Ghostface Killah in that joint called “Nutmeg”. Well, Official… chopped the O, made it a felt applique to put on the front of the crown and created in this way the basic design of a pro model cap. Considering that such basic design evolved to a point of getting an alcantara visor and a crown made of chambray, who could be the natural born winner to put his name on such a masterpiece snapback? None other than Jose Rojo, Enjoi wonder boy that served years of fun and finesse to the skateboarding community worldwide. In the eclectic mix of flamboyant personalities of this skateboard company, José is the one that stands out because of proper style and you know that this is a matter very important if we are talking about an Official cap. What’s the key to “a proper style” when we talk about this Roj”o” Cham snapback, you ask? The delicate matching navy blue / grey chambray that you can see in these pics of Francesca M makes this cap very easy to wear: just avoid black. With materials that make this more of a urban cap rather than a sportswear piece, rest assured that it slays everywhere you go. Lightweight and with the proportioned crown that Official got us used to, this snapback doesn’t care what the flavor of the month is. If you want a good looking cap, here it is and it will be one of your favorites even next year… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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