Official – The Cape

Exactly when you thought that you have seen it all, there is somebody that breaks the barrier and push that limit. It happens in every field, from architecture to music, from movies to clothing. If we are talking about that section of clothing called headwear, I did show you a relevant amount of sick caps through the years but this one by Official is really on a vibe of his own. Call it a six panel unstructured strapback if you want to be down with proper categorization. Six are the pieces that make up the crown commonly called panels, unstructured because it is not stiff but rather smooth and strapback because instead of a plastic closure you have a state of the art black woven strap and carabiner strap tuck. Add to this a brown alcantara visor like we all love and the result is very far from your average cap. This is not care for the details, this is straight love for the details. Look how The Cape snapback makes our friend Veronica R smile. This piece gives you an instant chill vibe like you lived in Hawaii islands all your life. We have started to know a little this brand by now. Its groundbreaking style choices are what makes me wonder every time what it is gonna do next and if you give a look to all the Official gear that I posted here, you will understand real quick what I’m talking about. It must feel great to be a pro skateboarder on the roster of this brand

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