Official – Yacht Life strapback

Yachts and G6 private jets: what you know about it? What? You still take the bus to go to school and these are only dreams to you?! Keep dreaming then because Official gives you a cap that is all about feeling on top of a VIP situation without having to own a counting money machine. With the goal in mind to turn you into an absolutely fabulous international baller, here comes Yacht Life strapback. This brand wants you to get stoked on fine materials, brilliant concepts and original creations. May I also add proper shapes and state of the art details? Official stays true to its name with a chambray strapback with an alcantara visor but the front of the crown steals the show. That micro golden plaque with the name of the brand makes this cap that Michela B is wearing precious. Look in the first picture how the shape of this structured 5 panel makes it a state of the art piece. Work hard and one day you will be able to own a yacht too and if you don’t reach that level of wealth, well… you can still console yourself with this cap. In this headwear game the only thing that matters is to be original and if you give a look to all the caps from Official that I posted, this brand succeeded in full. Let me tell you: peep Official and Official Skate websites and you will agree with me that what I posted here is just the tip of the iceberg. You can really have caps to no end for any occasion there…

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