Okapi – Flex Basic cap

I’ve been tuning my technique for years or better yet decades and not to brag but I know what’s up in headwear. Not only I am well connected with several main brands worldwide but I have a true passion that evolved with me, as the years (or better yet the decades) passed by. You gotta look in the mirror and check yourself before you wreck yourself. It’s not a matter of “This cap is nice” but rather “This cap is nice if I wear it with those kicks and that t-shirt”. So if you get the chance to put your hands on this piece by Okapi, think twice before you make the error to say “It’s just a basic cap”. It’s the perfect choice in an outfit with a loud t-shirt. I saw this item in a bunch of caps that Flo Marfaing had when he gave me his own pro model cap that we saw here last month. We both agreed that a plain heather grey cap looks great. This Flex Basic cap is a piece that has a nice stiff silhouette but it’s made of the same fabric of your heather grey t-shirt. So, regardless of the fact that now dad caps with curved visor are the next craze, this one looks good and fits perfectly without being tight on your head. This is because of the A-Flex system that allows a superior fit with no restrictions. See how the red Okapi embroidery on the side stands out in these pictures of Mara V? Look how refined is the interior. Not bad for a basic cap… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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