“On the road to riches and diamond rings/cause real ni**as do real things” (The Notorious Big)

The Maxiemillion is already familiar with Diamond Supply co. This leading brand that is one of my favourites ever, passed through a couple of different distributors here in Italy and nowadays it is nowhere to be found here for what concerns clothing. Diamond footwear is a whole another story. Now at its second season, this is the last frontier for sneakerheads with flavor. Nick Tershay, founder, owner and designer behind this brand, agreed that times were ready for Diamond footwear, so he came to a licensing agreement with those intelligent cats over at Podium distribution. Being Podium an affair that here in Europe belongs mostly to Fresco Distribution, it was natural that I got these Brilliant kicks to review. Not to be confused with the Diamond x Curren$y Brilliant 4/20 pack that got released on that date last wek, this is white. All white with a hint of color on that label in the back and on those laces, these carats shine for real. First and foremost, there is no trend that can outshine white kicks, these are what you call an instant classic. That green/red/green combo is not a trademark but your eye sends to your brain a G, then a U, then a double C and an I when looking at this, right? When the Italian company that they borrowed this color palette from started their first steps, they were master seddlers, beside being leaders in luxury leather goods. Those were the colors used for the girth of the saddle and slowly with the decades became perceived as synonymous of excellence. Right use then, because this hightop summer kicks are a real eye candy. Remember when we saw the black leather Brilliant, last season? Slightly different, these have that D logo on the side panel that is simply a P from Polo upside down. Not destined to blow in big numbers for sure, these kicks are a bright object of desire for the street elite. Do you feel like you are part of this?

Diamond Supply co. altro non è che un sogno che diventa realtà, in una crescita organica che non ha mai conosciuto sosta. Da skate brand di viti, cuscinetti e griptape alle t shirts più significative del panorama urban californiano ad una linea di abbigliamento completa. Da collaborazioni storiche con Nike SB e con DVS fino ad un vero e proprio brand di calzature, Diamond ha messo in circolazione delle sneakers da un paio di stagioni il cui valore da intenditore è innegabile. Ecco qui la Brilliant in tela e pelle che aggiunge ad un total white un tocco di verde/rosso/verde che tanto richiama la maison di lusso fiorentina più famosa al mondo. Più discreta rispetto alla versione in collaborazione con l’mc Curren$y, rilasciata la scorsa settimana, direi che questa scarpa è materiale destinato alla street elite. Se senti di farne parte, inizia ora la tua caccia alla sneaker.

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