“One time you had it all I ain’t mad at ya’ll/now give me the catalog, I’ll show you how daddy bought” (Ma$e)

Summer seems to be a hectic period usually. Good weather, holidays, shorts, outdoor hangouts, festivals, everything has a special flavour. Our friends at Interjeans srl enjoy this to the fullest as we do but at the same time they stay busy thinkin forward. Upper Playground is in full bloom, so in order to keep the pace at this speed, they had to work hard. The result is in my hands and it’s simply fantastic. Upper Playground new catalogue for Spring Summer 2011 is here and, to quote Steve Berra and Eric Koston, it’s “Bangin”. The artistic designs keep flowin, logo designs are at a high level, accessories are endless so all this needed a catalog to represent right the growth of the brand. I’m proud to show to The Maxiemillion readers a few pages of it, because this is something that is strictly related to this blog. Why you ask? Not only them jolly good fellows at Interjeans srl are family to me, but even because they are the first supporter of this blog. Let alone I interacted with what is the content of the catalog itself. All the interviews to Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Estevan Oriol have been copied by me from their publication/catalogs of Upper Playground USA, but the text for the skateboard decks and New Era caps pages is also my work. The funniest thing is the interview to this girl from Bomboclat, a shop close to Milan, called Chiara. It has been made in Italian, then translated when she could have it done in English herself, being graduated in Modern languages but, you know how it goes, we forgot… The highlight of it all is obviously the three pages dedicated to NS Progress, my stomping ground. It’s really rewarding to feel all this love surrounding this new exciting shop project. This love is officially confirmed with a picture of myself on the Friends page, on this catalogue that will tour the whole European continent, as you can see. You know I get sentimental on this stuff. On a closing note, I so want that Doggystyle knockoff tee shirt that I can hardly wait six more months. When is the selling campaign over, so I can get a sample?!

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