O’Neill x Pendleton – Sweat

We are in front of a couple of brands that have been in the game forever. Jack O’Neill is the godfather of all surfwear. He founded this brand in 1952 and since then it became a staple in surf heritage, with its solid Nor Cal roots. I remember when I was working at this windsurf/skate/snow shop right after my teen years and that is a name that was already on everybody’s lips. As far as Pendleton Woolen Mills, an independent business operated company, it is now a worldwide brand with more than 60 Pendleton stores across the US, but it’s still owned by the same family. Beside the recent successful collaborations with big names in footwear, it is a favorite outdoor classic for all Americans. It’s such a tradition that even Mike Muir in his prime, during his Thrasher interview tells how Venice Beach locals used to wear Pendleton flannels all the time. Beside these facts (that probably mean more to me than to you), this item is part of a collaboration capsule that includes six pieces including a backpack and a jacket. The crewneck that we are looking at is worn by me this time, as requested from the kind people at O’Neill. I’m not a great sight but fortunately this Sweat is. With its flannel perfectly stitched on the back in an arched design and in the front beneath its pocket, this piece is the definition of clean. An item born in the name of quality, this crewneck may appeal from hype beasts looking for the ultimate collaborations to grown ups wanting a casual piece with tailor standards. Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari.

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