Only NY – Express Logo tee by Refresh Shop

Only NY is here once again to redefine coolness. While some of you are trying hard to impress with some “in your face” outfits, this brand dares to think outside the box. Its style is something to decipher, like a secret code where clean designs deliver a message of love for the City That never Sleeps. A place where nothing seems too crazy and nobody is considered out of place, it’s easy to get involved in this hectic place called New York. That’s why Only NY is getting love worldwide, yet it remains a brand that never got major exposure. That’s why connoisseur feel it and want to wear it. That’s why Refresh Shop has this brand in stock for you and your friends. Dev, the shop owner, puts a lot of passion in what he does and this is the reason that lead him to handpick the selection of brands that the carries and he knew Only NY couldn’t miss from his proposal. This Express Logo tee that Nadia R is wearing is as clean as that cap from this brand that we saw here last week. With that dynamic design that represent the fast life of New York City, you can’t resist it. Its heather grey colorway that gives you almost no restrictions when you think of an outfit, it’s an instant classic for your closet that you will wear over and over. You won’t find it online on but once you call asking for this tee (telling Deiv that I sent you) he will be more than happy to send it to you anyway. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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