Only NY – Express snapback by Refresh Shop

Only NY is a brand whose strong East Coast vibe represents its main trait. But what made me think that this brand has a unique perspective on streetwear is the fact that it claims both skateboarding and fishing among its influences. Everything may be inspiring in New York City. People converging there from the four corners of the planet create a necessary open minded feeling where you may find yourself discussing with somebody different from you with interest and authenticity. But in our case I discussed about this cap with Refresh Shop own Deiv and the thing is that we are very similar. We love clothing, matching it properly, creating a sort of awareness about brands that are not in the spotlight but are much cooler than those that do and we often discuss about The Maxiemillion. That’s why, to celebrate the opening of Refresh Online store and to spread the news that you can find Only NY in his shop, we thought to create this post. The cap on the head of Roberta L is called Express snapback. With a height of the crown more similar to the height of a camper or unstructured five panel as you like to call them, this snapback is made of a light sail cloth that makes it quite unusual. Consider that its shape has a secret: an inside mesh stay front, as you can see in the fourth picture. Oh yeah, pay attention: it’s even made in USA. The basic infos are here, now it’s your turn to discuss this cap with Deiv. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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