Osiris ● D3 2001 Brigade/White

So after Osiris made the news recently with its infamous D3 2001 for a while, I thought about it and I decided that me too I wanted to write my version of the story. For those unaware of what happened, the mainstream basketball brand that is right under The Swoosh and The Trefoil when it comes to basketball sneakers sales, made an act that is highly condemned in hip hop movement under the code called biting.

I stick to the facts. Under Armor wanted to make noise in lifestyle footwear so it worked on the following plot: let’s get a name out there that makes noise (untouchable swag champ A$ap Rocky) and let’s give him a pro model shoe so we can be part of this “joli-laid” trend that makes bulky expensive shoes objects of desire among young potential consumers


Pay attention to my words: I didn’t use the word young by accident but let me go on. In order to make an impression Under Armor relied on a footwear designer in love with the OG skate shoe that gave Chris Dobstaff the cover of Thrasher in 2004: D3 2001. Young hypebeasts probably have never seen this style, therefore it was probably easy to play “new” with an OG design that Brian Reid made in 2001.

Obviously social media went crazy on this and Brian had more than one occasion to talk back and one of the most interesting is here on Illuminated paper. My opinion is really simple: I stick to OG players of the game and no gimmick can fool me.

With this said I have seen and sold tons of these D3 2001 when I worked retail a couple of decades ago and I know exactly the actual weight of these sneakers in urban culture.

Hate them or love them, these kicks made an impression on the general public that turned them into an underground footwear icon.


Thanks to Nitro Distribution for making me cover such delicate topic in total freedom and to Fede D for modeling. One last thing: be original!
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