Osiris ● Thrash’n hoodie

Here we are! Main festivities are gone and this is the first post of the new year. How could I not give you some hot apparel?! Here we have an Osiris hoodie that is the definition of hot: it’s on fire!

It’s a long story and since we are not in a rush, listen here. Once upon a time there was a magazine in San Francisco representing true skateboarding. This magazine called Thrasher truly represented the link among punk attitude coming from the streets and skateboarding. As time passed, it’s good to see that the magazine stayed the same, for our enjoyment. It just tuned in with current times but its authentic love for the ultimate skateboard trick, the most genuine pros and the best items to put together a proper skate deck, beside skate shoes and apparel, never changed.

As sad as it can be, even with the magazine maintaining the same exact level of realness, mainstream arrived and made Thrasher sacred Flame logo its own. You can blame this to Supreme collaborating with Thrasher. Or even Viceland giving exposure to Thrasher’s own King of the Road challenge, but now every other model girl or Rihanna or Justin Bieber are wearing Thrasher Flame Logo tees.

Osiris as soon as it put together its brand strategy and appeared on the market in 1997, of course it had to put ads in Thrasher.

All this was to explain you the difference among a knockoff and a tribute. If a mass distribution chain that never was into skateboarding wants to cash in on the phenomenon they do knockoffs. But if an OG skate shoes brand, that is down with the Magazine since day one does something like this, then it’s a tribute to state officially how influential it has been through the years.

Be influential in 2018 as Elena S is and ask Nitro Distribution where to cop Osiris Thrash’n hoodie at a shop near you.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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