Osiris ● 96 t-shirt + Pom Pom beanie

Osiris is the classic skateboard shoe brand that provided you functional footwear since 1996. No matter if it was in full D3 boom or if we talk Greg Lutzka nailing frontside flips on command while rocking Osiris shoes: this brand is part of the skateboard community, showing it love and respect.

What happens if instead of its shoes this time we give a look to some apparel? Being a true skate footwear brand its clothing section is quite small but not lacking in inspiration. 96 t-shirt and a Pom Pom beanie is what our homegirl Elena S is wearing in these shots. Don’t you think of that speech recognition and intelligent personal assistant application developed by Apple called Siri? Cutting the name of the brand in three parts not only gives you an excuse to print its sleeves in a fresh way, but also recalls the app that made sci-fi reality.

On top of the outfit there is a Pom Pom beanie. With its jacquard craftsmanship and its branding in bold letters this piece maintained skate style authentic, where you just want the world to know what you love (and this means “rolling on your board till the wheels fall off”). Adjust the fold making it thin or large, but rest assured that this thick beanie will take care of your ever revolving thoughts through the whole winter.

Get in touch with Nitro Distribution to know where the closest Osiris dealer is but don’t think that wearing this outfit saying “varial heelflip” your board will obey and flip by itself: you still need to do the job with your feet.

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